• Struggling with IRS Problems?

    We can help to get you back on your feet in no time. Let Madison Debt and Tax Relief:

    • Negotiate payment plans with the IRS
    • Stop bank levies and asset seizures
    • Settle for much less
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    Struggling with IRS Problems?
  • Don’t Be Another Victim.

    Or statistic for IRS tax liens. Stop holds, seizures, and garnishments before they start. In a state of receiving constant notices from the IRS, it may appear that your case is hopeless, but it isn’t. The good news is that tax attorneys can help:

    • Reduce back taxes owed
    • Help you keep your assets
    • Get on with your life
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    Don’t Be Another Victim.
  • Break Free. We Can Help!

    We know how it feels to be on a constant cycle of payments and notices from the IRS. The debts can also accrue interests and penalties, leaving taxpayers in a gruesome sequence of owing the same amount year-after-year. Our tax lawyers help:

    • Waive tax penalties
    • Lessen taxes owed
    • Pay off debts faster
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    Break Free. We Can Help!

Tax Lawyers That Provide Tax Resolution Services. Call Us Today!

Reduce Penalties & Interest

Are you spinning your wheels to a dead end when it comes to tax debt? Get off the treadmill by contacting Madison Debt and Tax Relief now. As our name suggests, we bring you relief where it hurts most. This could mean treating severe conditions such as wage garnishments, bank levies, asset seizures by the IRS, harassing phone calls, and much, much more.

Stop IRS Levies & Seizures

Don’t give up what you’ve earned because of hard times. Call us today and see how we can help to lift the holds placed on bank accounts, automated deductions from your paycheck, or the possibility of losing your home. It doesn’t have to end there. We can help.

End Wage Garnishments

Are you barely getting by? Are you working for little to nothing because of IRS wage garnishments? Let’s help you present your case to the IRS in order to make more manageable amounts. We can work with you hand in hand to settle your tax debts or back taxes, while keeping enough of your income to tackle important expenses.


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Madison Debt and Tax Relief is a Tax Resolution company that specializes in resolving client’s tax liabilities. Our team of Top Attorneys, Enrolled Agents, and CPA’s, have been helping taxpayers for years to resolve, manage, and/or end their tax debt.

Whether it is negotiating back taxes or just filing your return properly, our tax professionals stand alone in the tax resolution industry.

For immediate help with your tax debt, contact us today at (310) 863-7144 or fill out our Free Consultation Form for a free confidential analysis.

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